Out of State Moving Guide 2023


Does the idea of moving out of state sound appealing to you? You’re not alone. People state-jumping is increasingly popular among Americans, many of whom are seeking to start over, explore new places and forge ahead on their own. It’s important to note however that moving out of state does present a series of challenges. There’s a lot that goes into and out of state move, and a lot that you need to consider before you decide once and for all that it’s a good fit, including some big cost factors. Here’s a quick look at what moving out of state entails, including answers to some common questions that you might have about moving to a new state. 

out of state moving help

  • Find out the cost of living differences
  • Find out of state movers
  • Get a breakdown of moving costs
  • Order Utilities
  • Research doctors in your area
  • Register your license and car in your new state
  • Update you address and forward mail

    Perhaps you are running a way to a sleepy Florida beach town or maybe the thrill of a highly educated area like Boston excites you. In the last few years people have been flocking to these popular destinations - here they are and the biggest reason for moving there:

    out of state moving

    FLORIDA - Most people relocate to Florida because taxes are so low. There is no state income tax and you can claim homestead on your primary residence. 

    TEXAS - Texas is appealing to people who want a completely new life "do-over." There are lots of opportunities and jobs.

    TENNESSEE - New Tennessee residents state they want a slower place of life where they can grow their own food but still have amenities of larger cities nearby.

    SOUTH CAROLINA  - South Carolina is vastly underpriced for the quality of life and lots of families are moving there to see their dollar go a little further.


    When researching the best long distance movers in your area, it is crucial to consider and hire movers who fulfill these requirements:

    - Not affiliated with a third party, broker, van line, or any mover that sells your move. Damage and loss occurs at a much higher rate when your shipment is offloaded, reloaded or mixed with another.
    - Offers coverage over the basic $.60/lb/article. You may not need it but just knowing your movers offer this generally means they have the staff to do a good job.
    - Not affiliated with a franchise. These franchised movers are typically 25% more than the average and have the lawyers and staff to hide all of the poor reviews.
    - Locally owned - Do a quick corporation search to find the name of the owner - many owners are from other countries and are impossible to track down when things go wrong.

    Learn more about out of state movers.


    2023 is going to present many new questions related to moving. Here are some common questions about moving to a new state answered.

    1. How to move to a new state with no money? There are many resources in every state that you can take advantage of. However, you will need a place to start. You can find housing solutions and become a WWOOFer. This is an organic farming program where you can live on a farm an work for housing along with a stipend. 
    2. How much does a move to a new state cost? There are so many factors when moving to a new state - that's a whole separate article. However, if you are pressed for time you can use this moving calculator which will give you an idea without the hundreds of high-pressured sales calls.
    3. How do I move out of state? Funny enough, this is the most common question. Where can we start with this? You just do it. Life is about experience and going for it. Just start and make it happen!
    4. Is it hard to move to a new state? It's not hard at all - it just requires a lot of planning, research and execution. 
    5. What moving company should I use for an out of state move? We suggest Monster Movers - they are independent, have no third party affiliation and use their own trucks and drivers. You can also find a list of verified long distance moving companies in your area at MOVERS NEAR ME.

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