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Best Long Distance Mover

Best Long Distance Movers Do you really want to know how to find the best long distance movers?  The question is somewhat relative.  You should be asking who are the best long distance movers for your situation.  Most people who are going through their first interstate ( across state lines) move don't usually consider the same factors that seasoned out-of-state movers consider.  The key factors to consider when choosing from the best long distance movers are: 1.  Guaranteed Pick-Up and Delivery Days - You will need to know when your shipment is being picked up and delivered so you can manage your life. 2.  Flat Rate Pricing - Make sure you get your price in writing from your mover.  You don't want to be surprises and make sure there are no junk fees like shuttle fees, mileage fees, tolls, taxes, etc. 3.  Coverage - What will your mover compensate you with if there is damage.  I suggest opting for a mover who does not offload/reload your items - they are mor