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Long Distance Moving Options

LONG DISTANCE MOVING OPTIONS Long distance moving is much different than a move down the street.  You will need to consider many more choices during a long distance move - hopefully this guide will help you with you long distance moving company options - we will be looking at using a moving broker, a van line, a private moving company, and the adventurous  "do it yourself" method.  For the purposes of this article, a long distance move is categorized as a move of 150 miles or more.   HIRING FULL SERVICE LONG DISTANCE MOVERS There are three main types of full service long distance moving operations that will book a move, they are moving brokers , van lines , and private moving companies .    Full Service Long Distance Movers -- movers that completely load, drive and offload your entire shipment.  Options for full service long distance movers will be packing, coverage, unpacking, special piece moving ( piano, etc). Long Distance Moving Options Moving Broker --  Frankl