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Top 7 Long Distance Movers in the US for 2020 Our research has give us access to a network of more than 500 of the top long distance movers  providing full service, residential moving services to  long distance  moving customers. We have carefully reviewed all long distance moving companies. Here's what we found out: While doing this study we got nitty gritty into the business behind long distance movers, how they advertise, how they communicate and who actually  moves your belongings. There were more than a few surprises and frankly the results were very unexpected.  Scroll to the bottom to find out the long distance moving secrets carriers don't want you to know. Best Long Distance Moving Companies in the US The truth is, moving can be tough, especially when it’s moving to a different state. Whether you’ve been thinking about local moving or long-distance moving, you will need to choose a moving company you can trust with your belongings, and one that won’t cost yo
AVERAGE COST OF LONG DISTANCE MOVERS The average cost of hiring long-distance movers is  $5800 ​. What the average cost to hire long distance movers? If you have to move across the country, the process can get messy, especially when children and pets are involved. Long distance movers, also known as cross country movers, are hired to help pack and ship your belongings safely while you and your family travel separately to your new home. Hiring a long-distance moving company  costs on average  $4,500  to  $6,000 , with the average homeowner spending around  $5,250  on  moving, packing, and shipping a 3-bedroom house 1,000 miles . Average Long distance moving costs Average Long Distance Moving Costs National average cost $5400 Average range $4800 - $6200 Minimum cost $1500 Maximum cost $30000 Average Long Distance Moving Cost factors No matter where you move, there are going to be long distance moving costs that factor into the overall cost of moving,