All About Long Distance Moving Costs

Long Distance Moving Costs

This moving calculator will accurately assist you in estimating your long distance moving costs. The purpose of this independent long distance moving cost estimator is to provide you with a moving quote on what your long distance move is likely to cost.  This online moving estimator is an accurate estimate of what your move will cost because you need to add specific moving services and pieces that are going.  Most online calculators will give you a ballpark ( usually quite low) and add miscellaneous fees afterwards.  This is moving estimator is an independent, private moving company estimator and not affiliated with any van lines whatsoever. 

long distance moving costs
Long Distance Moving Costs

Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving Costs

Most moving companies will give you a base rate for your long distance moving costs estimate.  This may not include additional fees like shuttle fees, taxes, tolls, packing/unpacking charges, materials, coverage, mileage surcharge, fuel fees, long haul, stairs, and other miscellaneous fees.  Keep in mind, these fees can occur at both the origin and destination of your  move.  In order to find reliable long distance moving costs - you need to make sure all fees are accounted for and negotiated ahead of time.  Make sure to get everything in writing!  There are many long distance movers that act as brokers or van lines and can trade, sell, barter, swap your shipment with other vendors.  This is not suggested.  Make sure you hire a safe, reliable moving company that will not compromise your shipment. Find out more about long distance movers near me.

How Does Long Distance Moving Work?

Long distance moving using a private moving company is super simple - the moving company essentially picks up and delivers your shipment.  You will be able to choose whether or not you would like your shipment delivered in 5 days or less or within 14 days - there will be two different long distance moving costs for each service.  If you hire a broker or van line or broker, options are more limited and long distance moving costs may be altered if your move is brokered out. Find a private long distance mover.

Affordable Long Distance Movers

Save money

Monster Movers charges by weight - not cubic foot. Our long distance moving costs are determined by the overall weight of your belongings so you don't have to be concerned with space. Our prices are guaranteed and we do not bait and switch.

 Perfect safety record

Many van lines, brokers and UPack services use multiple vendors - you never know what you are going to get.  Monster Movers has professionally trained moving crews offering superior long distance moving services.  Our safety level is always in the top 10% and our trucks ( all 2019 and newer) have a perfect safety rating. 

Long Distance Moving Reviews

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Monster Movers is extremely professional and I had an excellent experience. They showed up on time and stayed within the time frame that they provided for us. They did a fantastic job wrapping up all the furniture for moving. They really went out of their way to make sure none of it received any bangs or dings. The movers were extremely pleasant and went out of their way to ensure our little requests were fulfilled. There was no complaining on the job and they gave us the sense that they cared for our belongings. Their pricing is very reasonable and I would use them again in the future. After the first time using them, I recommended them to by boss. I've used several different moving companies over 40 years and Monster Movers would be the one I would recommend first. (Valerie T.)
Monster Movers were respectful, they did everything in a timely manner, and they were just good all around. They were on time to move my things, nothing they moved was broken. I would recommend them, I've referred this company to other friends. They made a good impression on me. (David L.)

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