Best Long Distance Moving Companies Guide to Moving

Before you start packing, now’s the perfect time to start planning a smooth move and the best way to do that is to hire a professional long distance moving companies - and by professional, I mean professional - not a fly by night moving company with a fantastic website.  Finding the best long distance moving companies are not as easy as one would think - you will need to ask the right questions, check reviews, study your long distance moving quote in order to find the best long distance moving company for you.

best long distance moving companies


Experience counts and a track record shows their ability to deliver on time - every time. Have your long distance movers moved countless irreplaceable yet priceless items?  No amount of insurance is going to ever give you those back.

  • Licensed and Insured?

Long distance moving companies should have their DOT number visible on their website   Verify that the company is insured on the same website you use to check their license number. Never use a moving company without a license number or insurance. Think underage unlicensed teenage driver at the wheel of a semi-truck. Not a good idea, right? Neither is an unlicensed or uninsured bunch of folks who call themselves a moving company or a group of dudes who really only do moving as a side job. 

  • Sell/Barter/Trade?

Most van lines and other long distance moving companies barter/sell/trade moves.  Large moving groups will book long distance moves - put them in a huge database for other moving companies to buy usually at 30% or more which puts your shipment at risk.  Heed this warning -- only hire long distance moving companies that haul their own moves.  

  • What's Included?
Many moving companies will book a move but have additional fees that arise when picking up or at delivery - here is a list of a few of the "extra fees" long distance moving companies will charge if you aren't diligent:

  1. Shuttle Fee - a fee usually costing between $500-$2000 to get your items to a bigger truck BOGUS FACTOR 10
  2. Stair Fee - a fee incurred for any stairs at load/offload usually around $50/flight BOGUS FACTOR 5
  3. Fuel Surcharge - an additional charge for fuel for your trip not dependent on current fuel prices BOGUS FACTOR 9
  4. Mileage Fee - determined by miles traveled BOGUS FACTOR 9
  5. Taxes and Tolls - these should be incorporated into the overall cost of the long distance move BOGUS FACTOR 8
  6. Long Haul - the movers themselves determine if there is an extra long walk or difficult access at load or offload BOGUS FACTOR 7
  7. Insanely High Materials Fees - get a list of materials used and the costs - there are problems if you are paying $10/box  BOGUS FACTOR 6
  8. Basic Coverage - All long distance moving companies must offer basic coverage for free - if they are charging you, it's illegal BOGUS FACTOR 10

  • Delivery Window?
The best long distance moving companies can give you guaranteed pick up and delivery dates.  However, this is a costly option but one that is well worth it if you are starting a new job or cannot wait 7-14 days for your shipment.  At the very minimum, you should request either a guaranteed pick up or delivery date and a range for the other if you want to save money.

  • Who is Actually Moving You?
You should look at any awards or community service that your long distance moving company does.  The more they are involved in their local community, the more their reputation will matter.  El cheapo movers aren't going to care one way or another if your things arrive on time, in one piece, and if you are really unlucky, they may even hold your items hostage.


When choosing the best long distance movers, reputation is crucial.  Check the best long distance moving company reviews on customer lobby, and google.  Yelp used to be great but is now a paid service in which fake reviews are added all the time. Also, ask you realtor or friends who they have used.  No one ever says: “X MOVERS was the best moving company since they just charged me an arm and leg for horrible service in which they broke everything.”  When looking at long distance moving company reviews - I scroll down until I see a 4 or lower star rating and check to see that the moving company responded appropriately.  In the long run, a good moving reputation will save you money.


Reviewing your long distance moving quote is crucial to a good moving experience.  Make sure it is a bonded quote which means the rates won't change by more than 10%.  Get an onsite estimate if you have to.  The best long distance moving companies will be booked in advance during the summer months so it is imperative that you call ahead of time to get your move and/or estimate booked at the best rates.  


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