Long Distance Movers Rates

Long Distance Movers Rates

Finding the best long distance movers rates can feel like a battle.  There are a few variable costs to consider when you are moving and with a bit of research and time - you can eliminate major changes in your long distance moving rates.  Some quick tips on finding the best long distance movers rates, how to save on your long distance move, and average long distance movers rates will help you navigate your move:

long distance movers rates
Long Distance Movers Rates

If you are planning on moving to a new state, the level of stress you are experiencing is normal - there is a massive difference between moving a few blocks and across the country. However, with some basic planning and confidence - it will be a breeze.  Calculating your long distance moving rate is a cost that doesn't need to change.  I will elaborate below:
Average Long Distance Movers Rates

How much does it cost to move state to state?

According to Google - the average move for an intrastate ( local move within 150 miles)  move is estimated to be around $1,170 while the average nationwide long distance moving price is about $5,630.  This is so incredibly broad that it needs major explaining.  
First of all this information is based on a three bedroom 1500 sq foot home.  Also, I would add that $5630 would be for about a 1000 mile move.  If you are moving from Boston to LA at 2900 miles - you will be lucky to find a price under $9000 for a similar-sized shipment.
I am not sure google added in the cost of moving supplies which can range from free ( if you are tactful) to over $1000.

Average Intrastate Move Cost (within the same state): $1,170

Average Interstate Move Cost (from one state to another): $5,630

Average Long Distance Moving Rate Variables

Average moving rates will be in-between $.30 per pound and $1.50 per pound if you are moving within the United States.  The factors that determine these long distance moving rates are as follows:
-  time of year of the move
-  actual weight of shipment
-  number of miles you are moving
-  quality of long distance mover
-  flexibility of loading/unloading dates
-  if you require packing, unpacking
-  additional services - piano, pool table etc

Ways To Save On Your Long Distance Move

Moving at off times of the year, finding cheap moving supplies, comparing long distance movers and being ready for your movers are three ways that you can save on your long distance move.
Most people move to another state in June-November.  Because of this, long distance moving companies are booked during these busy times and can charge higher rates.  I suggest planning a move between Jan-March to save a huge chuck of money on your long distance moving rates.  You will find a discount of about 15-25% on long distance movers rates during this off time of year.  
Moving supplies can quickly but a huge hole in your pocket.  Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc all add up slowly but surely - here are some suggestions to cap the spending on supplies: Craigslist and other social media platforms are great places to look for free boxes.  Often those who have moved post curb alerts on craigslist for used boxes.  People are good-hearted; they would rather give you the boxes for free (or at least a fraction of the price they paid) rather than simply throw them away. If you do not mind cruising around town, try local liquor stores or corporate stores/buildings such as TJ Maxx, Macy’s and movie theaters. If you are wary of used boxes, there are plenty of box companies that will sell large bundles for 1/3 of what you will find at home depot.  This is actually where movers get their boxes - a popular company is ULINE.
Comparing long distance movers rates is absolutely something you should do.  Many mover have additional fees that can add up - these are fees like shuttle fee, mileage surcharge, fuel surcharge, stair/elevator fee, long haul, taxes, tolls.  Get a flat rate in writing either by filling out an online inventory or having an on-site estimate.
Being ready for your movers will save you a lot of money on your moving rate.  Having things packed and ready to go saves time as does disassembling items.  That being said, if you aren't handy - leave the disassembling to the movers or this could cost you even more if you cannot get your furniture back together.
Here is a super helpful link to saving money on a long distance move, it includes detailed information of what I have explained above.

Finding the Best Long Distance Movers Rates

A final way to save money on your move is to compare moving rates from different professional movers. Though you may not want to hire professional long distance movers, this is always the easiest and most cost effective solution to a successful long distance move. 
Finding the best long distance movers rates should be done by comparing a few different professional movers.  Here is a quick list of questions you should ask - and answers by Monster Movers- award-winning movers with locations in MA, NY, CT, RI, NH, FL, NC, SC, MD, DC, VA, NJ, PA, TN, GA, TX, CO, and CA.

Phone Number
877-470-1247 TF
page1image5576 page1image5896
Licensed, Bonded, Insured? Including Workers Comp? (very iimportant!)
Full-Time, Trained, Uniformed Employees
Years Company has been in business
15 – Since 1999
Any Government Actions Against Company
Current Moving Review Rating
5 Stars – Verified Reviews by Customer Lobby
Moving Broker? Will moves be sub- contracted?
page1image26208 page1image26528 page1image27008 page1image27328
Full Replacement Coverage Offered
Packing and Storage Offered “just in case”
page1image32712 page1image33032
Deposit for Move?
$100 Local 10% Insterstate
How is Move Charged?
By Hour for Local By Weight Interstate
page1image39624 page1image39944
Are Estimates Guaranteed?
Yes, with inventory

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