Long Distance Movers Reviews

Long Distance Movers Reviews

Having a hard time trusting the "thousands" of too good to be true moving reviews? When it comes to hiring long distance movers - you will find hundreds of review sites - some look trustworthy and some are really not.  Here is the low-down on long distance movers reviews sites you can trust - an those you should pass over.  The long distance movers review sites reviewed and graded will be Yelp, Customer Lobby, MyMovingReviews, MovingCompanyReviews.com, Moving Authority, Thumbtack, Superpages, Porch, Yahoo, and Google. Find Monster Movers reviews here 

long distance movers reviews
Long Distance Movers Reviews

Yelp:  Yelp is not the best place to find accurate long distance movers reviews.  Yelp is usually reserved for local moving reviews - and even those have been known to be manipulated.  Grade = D

Customer Lobby: Customer Lobby is the best place to find long distance movers reviews.  CL is a review site that actually verifies moving reviews by bill of lading - reviews cannot be "erased." Grade = A

MyMovingReviews.com: This is the worst of the worst site to use - it is actually owned by a moving company !  They have been in court and sued by other long distance moving companies because they fake reviews to make other movers look bad while giving their company five stars!  What a scam! Grade = F

MovingCompanyReviews.com: This moving company reviews site is a start-up from a division of homeadvisor.com.  In order to post a long distance mover review on this site - it requires a bill of lading as well and the reviews cannot be changed.  However, we are not sure if the site is still operating as customers reviews as of late have not been publishing. Grade = C+

Moving Authority: Moving Authority seems to be a good place to find accurate long distance movers reviews.  Since it is new, we will be doing another look into the site but for now we will will give it a Grade = C.

Thumbtack: Thumbtack is recommended for small, local move reviews - for long distance mover reviews -  you really need to look elsewhere as many movers on thumbtack are not licensed and the rule on thumbtack is they don't need to be. Grade = D

Superpages:  Nobody seriously uses this site anymore.  In 2010 it would've been a B, but these days Grade = E

Top Rated Local :  Porch is a fabulous site.  It allows movers to showcase moves with pictures of projects completed.  It isn't the best place to find accurate long distance mover reviews but if your mover is putting projects on porch - it's a great place to view their work. Here is an example of Monster Movers reviews.  Grade = C

Yahoo:  Yahoo reviews are very easy for movers to fake - the site is easy to hack for those who want to place tons of fake reviews - the good thing is - they usually fall off in a few short months.  Grade = D.

Google: Well, if some company was going to do it right - it would be google right?  I trust google reviews to a degree.  There are some ways to hack reviews but for the most part - these are easy to see through.  If a company has 3 good reviews on the same day - it's highly likely they are fabricated. Grade = B-

Movers Near Me: Movers Near Me provides the best and most accurate place for moving reviews and finding the best moving services near you.

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