Finding The Best Long Distance Moving Companies in Four Steps

The Best Long Distance Moving Companies in Four Steps

Finding the best long distance movers used to be extremely difficult.  In past years, people that were looking for long distance movers usually clicked on a site and filled out their information.  Within ten minutes - the next 3 weeks of their life were spent fending off thousands of phone calls/email/texts from about 10 moving companies and all of their affiliates that were sold their lead.  Now, the long distance moving industry has changed - social media and great factual moving help sites that greatly help those moving long distance have made finding the best long distance moving companies very straightforward.

best long distance moving companies
Best Long Distance Moving Companies


1.  FIND YOUR TOP THREE MOVERS - This narrowing down stage should be done early in the game.  You don't want to end up getting calls and crazy amounts of follow-up these days.  Here are some quick long distance moving tips for finding your top three long distance movers.

2.  GET YOUR LONG DISTANCE MOVERS AN INVENTORY OF YOUR SHIPMENT - Your LD movers will need an inventory of what you are moving.  You can email it, fill out a moving estimate form or set up an on-site estimate.  In the past, I would have said "don't book your move without an on-site estimate,"  these days there the best long distance movers are using big data techniques to determine nearly exact weights using your inventory.  All long distance moves must be charged by weight regardless.

3. COMPARE MOVERS - Here is a link to an easy-to-use yet comprehensive moving comparison chart.  You can print it out or compare movers right online.  This moving company comparison has a list of all additional fees that long distance moving companies charge, and what you should be considering when choosing a LD moving company.

4. CONNECT AND BOOK - The best long distance moving companies near me may be booked farther in advance than some less-savory options so book as early as possible!  Don't forget to connect via FB, Twitter, etc with your moving company.


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