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How Much Does It Cost to Move to Another State

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Another State

There are many considerations you will have to consider when figuring out how much it will cost to move to another state.  I will outline different moving company cost details below with regards to  average costs you should expect when obtaining estimates for your state to state move:

1.  Time of Moving Season - Cross Country Movers typically cost approximately 25%-40% more expensive in the "busy months."  These months are June-October.  The least expensive time to move cross country will be Feb, March and April.

2.  Full Service Long Distance Movers  vs. Pack Yourself - Flat Rate long distance movers will typically run about 10-15% for a full service move more than a pack yourself operation.  However, you will have to either load/unload your truck yourself or pay for labor which will eat into the 10-15% you will save going that route. 

3.  Unnecessary Fees - Some long distance moving companies charge ridiculous fees.  When hiring a mover to move you to another state, they may have a less expensive base rate but then add fees.  Additional fees can be shuttle fees, stair fee, long haul fee, taxes and tolls, fuel fees, mileage fees, etc.

How much will your cross country moving company cost?
How Much Does It Cost To Move To Another State

Base Rates for long distance movers will depend on the #of miles you are moving to.  And, of course supply and demand.  Moving from Maine to Florida will be less expensive than those moving from Florida to Massachusetts because demand is greater moving to Florida.  Find out What Your Cross Country Moving Company Cost?

Additional costs when moving to another state are:

1. Gas and/or Car Shipping - Shipping a car will range from $750-$1800 depending on mileage going to and from, make, model, dates.

2.  Hotels and Traveling Money - In order to avoid lots of additional hotel fees, find long distance movers that will deliver your shipment on a guaranteed date.

3. Utilities - Some states require a deposit for setting up utilities

4. Packing Materials - A typical 3 bedroom home will spend on average $660 in packing materials including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper.  To cut these fees down, you can find recycled boxes on CL and wholesale stores. 

You can always log on to MOVERS NEAR ME - a moving blog site that will find the closest movers to you that offer out of state and cross country moves.

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