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Long Distance Moving Companies Prices

Long Distance Moving Companies Prices

Long Distance Moving Companies Prices depend on multiple factors that I will outline below.  Most people have hired a local mover and usually call up the same moving company for a long distance move.  I suggest doing a little research on long distance moving companies prices and services before hiring:

1.  Long Distance Moving Companies Prices Depend on Time of Year.  Needless to say, long distance moving companies prices are much lower in the following months:  January, February and March.  You will most likely pay an increased premium of

10% in October, November, December, April and May
20% - 30% in June, July, August, September 

2.  Long Distance Moving Companies Prices Depend on Mileage.  Here are approximate mileages and amount you should be paying per pound.  As an example.  If you are shipping 30 boxes, a bedroom set and a dining set ( about 2,000 lbs )  - you can multiply this by the rate per pound.  We will use $.60/lb for the example.  So, 2,000 lbs @$.60/lb is $1800 - this is the trip charge.  There should be approximately $600 on top of that for labor so approximately $2400.

100-300 miles $.35-$.50
300-800 miles $.40-$.60
800-1200 miles $.60-$.80
1200-2000 miles $.80-$1.20

The reason for the long distance moving range is dependent on a few factors like where you are moving from.  

long distance moving companies prices
Long Distance Moving Companies Prices

3.  Long Distance Moving Companies Prices Depend on Origin and Destination Locations.  Moving from FL to MA will be less expensive that moving from MA to FL.  The reason long distance moving costs will be less from FL to MA is because more people are moving to FL from MA.  Supply and demand dictates the prices you will pay for long distance moving company services.  The best long distance movers will accurately reflect this on their estimates. Learn more about moving to Florida.

4. Long Distance Moving Companies Prices Depend on Type of Service.  The price of your long distance move will of course be represented by the type of moving company you chose.  There are many "discount" moving outfits that will promise unreal pricing over the phone but be careful - they may not show up because of overbooking or poor logistics.  I suggest hiring the best long distance moving company which is Monster Movers - they always show up and have an advanced logistics system for long distance moves.  You can start getting accurate long distance moving company prices by filling out a long distance moving company estimate. The best way to do this is by using the moving calculator so you won't be bombarded by pesky sales calls. You can also visit MOVERS NEAR ME which is a site dedicated to finding independent movers with real locations nearby.

In order to properly compare long distance moving companies, you need to ask questions, get things in writing and check all long distance moving prices.  The best long distance moving companies prices don't have any junk charges like shuttle fees, mileage surcharge, fuel surcharge, taxes, tolls, stairs, long haul charges, etc. that can add hundreds of dollars to your bill.  

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